Watch the Liverpool vs Real Madrid match broadcast live today in the Champions League final
 Liverpool vs Real Madrid match broadcast live

The match between Liverpool and its Spanish counterpart Real Madrid will start today in a final European Clasico, in the final match of the 2022 Champions League. Will the royal succeed in achieving a new European title that their fans are looking forward to, especially in light of the clear superiority in the recent playoffs? Or will the Reds have a chance to win a championship that will be difficult and retaliatory with the Royal Real, in light of Mohamed Salah's thinking of revenge.

Watching the Liverpool vs Real Madrid match

Real Madrid is looking forward to winning at the expense of Liverpool in the final of the strong battle, so will the riyal succeed in achieving a new victory in the final of the championship, as it achieved the title in 2018, and at the expense of the same team after the strong injury of Mohamed Salah in his shoulder, will the royal succeed in excelling and achieving the mark Complete again, or will there be a negative result that will remove him from the championship, and the Royal will be armed with the personality of the hero, especially since the team has succeeded in winning the league titles and the Spanish Super Cup this year.

Liverpool, on the other hand, is trying to have a great revenge against Real Madrid, so will he succeed in excelling and achieving the full mark, or will there be a new negative result in his career, especially as the team aspires to achieve the title at the expense of the rival Real Madrid, and Mohamed Salah and his colleagues hope to achieve the title In order to compensate for what happened in the last confrontation in 2018, which was stated by the great player, will he succeed in returning to his usual level as it was before the African Nations Cup and World Cup qualifiers, or will he continue with the recent stumbles.

In this European season, Real Madrid succeeded in facing great tests, after succeeding in crossing at the expense of strong competitors such as Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City, respectively, in the playoffs, while Liverpool managed to excel at the expense of Inter Milan, then Benfica, and finally Club Villarreal, and therefore the journey of the royal riyal was much more difficult, but the liver nevertheless managed to obtain what was required of it, and most importantly, the last confrontation against the riyal.